High Performance SaaS Solutions

what we do?

We are a Retail & Rewards SaaS solutions platform with a global customer footprint. We create immense value for suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and ultimately the consumers. Our best of breed SaaS solutions cover a broad but focused spectrum including consumer demand sensing and shaping, demand driven retail category management, vendor managed inventory, self service brand campaign management and consumer insights engine. Sophisticated applied mathematics and business process automation is woven into the fabric of our software to enable humans and machines make optimal business decisions. We offer a unique risk free implementation model for our customers to enjoy our solutions.



SkyLight is a turnkey Vendor Managed Inventory SaaS solution that optimizes all aspects of a retail demand chain with the mission to sense demand, stock smart, sell more and see everything.

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SkyPulse is a turnkey SaaS solution that delivers non obvious, meaningful and actionable consumer insights to brands, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.

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OmniSky is an agile software development service targeting multi-platform omni-channel solutions delivery harnessing cloud and non-cloud computing platforms.

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Our Solution Platforms

Welcome to SilkRoute!

The SilkRoute team has been designing, building and operating robust, scalable high value SaaS solutions for more than a decade delivering a level of maturity and capability that is unparalleled in the industry. We are a passionate team of dreamers, designers, data scientists and software engineers with tremendous functional knowledge of Retail & Rewards industry and discrete consumer choice behavior. We live for solving big problems. We leverage our combined creativity, innovation and efficiency aimed at creating a better world. Our SaaS solution platforms offer rich functionality, performance and robustness woven into a fun design. As a high value SaaS provider, we free our customers from the cost and hassle associated with product upgrades. Our unique approach to enhancing our products allow our customers to take advantage of new functionality on their terms and without the costs of traditional change management.