High Performance SaaS Solutions

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We are a passionate team of designers, machine learning scientists and software engineers with tremendous industry knowledge of retail category management and discrete consumer choice behavior. We live for solving big problems. Our highly scalable SaaS platform creates immense value for suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and ultimately the consumers. Our customer footprint is global and growing. Applied machine learning, business process automation and enterprise mobility is woven into the fabric of every thing we build. We offer a unique risk free implementation and integration approach for our customers to enjoy our solutions.



SkyLight is an analytically rich Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution that optimizes all aspects of a retail demand chain with a mission to sense demand, stock smart, sell more and see everything. 

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SkyPulse is a state of the art machine learning system with our own consumer opinion database. It delivers non-obvious actionable insights to brands and retailers all day long. 

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OmniSky is an all channel software engineering platform delivering custom cloud applications with an optimal ratio of speed, price and quality.

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