Deploy MongoDB on AWS with Ease

Deploy MongoDB on AWS with Ease

Looking to deploy a MongoDB replica set in AWS.  SilkRoute can ease the pain of provisioning EC2 instances to host each MongoDB node within the replica set.  Our AWS CloudFormation template and scripts help your operations/DevOps team with provisioning your instances.

Our AWS CloudFormation template and scripts will reduce time spent provisioning each node and standardize configuration between nodes.  The CloudFormation template and scripts follow MongoDB's 3.2.x best practices for production deployments.  These best practices include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Splitting OS, data, journal, log and indexes into separate EBS volumes
  • Format volumes in XFS format
  • Proper write ahead settings
  • Setting EC2 instance names per node versus using AWS default node name
  • Volume sizing
  • Choose EC2 instance type

The EC2 instances launched from the CloudFormation template use the Amazon Linux AMI.  Once these instances are launched, the EC2 instances are ready for MongoDB installation and configuration by either downloading MongoDB directly or using CloudManager.

Our deployment strategy does not install nor does it configure MongoDB.  The deployment only provisions EC2 instances following MongoDB 3.2.x best practices.  All MongoDB installation and configuration is required to performed by operations/DevOps team. This strategy provides teams with overall flexibility on how they prefer to install/configure MongoDB.

The AWS CloudFormation template has the ability to launch EC2 instances within a VPC using public/private subnets, or within the default AWS VPC.  This eliminates the need to peer VPC's and over complicating your AWS services/infrastructure.  

The CloudFormation template and scripts are free to use.  We are in the process of building out a web UI to help teams build their custom CloudFormation template per deployment.  Please check back frequently on updates.

Any questions or features you're looking for, please contact SilkRoute.  A representative will follow-up with you.

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