Omni Channel Agile Application Development

OmniSky = {max(Design Impact + Speed2Market) + min(TCO + TechDebt)} ^ (Multi-Platform x Smart Cloud)

OmniSky is an agile software development service targeting multi-platform omni-channel solutions delivery harnessing cloud and non-cloud computing platforms.  Working with customers in a joint application design approach pipelines into rapid application development phases to streamline product launches.

We dream, design and engineer solutions for cross-platform, hybrid and mobile application development platforms becoming a backend software as a service or development platform as a service provider.

With tailored business model platforms, let OmniSky solutions boost your business to be the next big thing!

Adaptive Delivery

OmniSky solutions offer adaptive software and platform development delivery using an agile methodology based on client needs.  We apply agile very loosely, from "hyper-agile" to SCRUM, as we implement and mold our agile methodology based on a clients existing implementation or demands.  Our typical a style is, SCRUM agile, a more common style within organizations.

Custom Engineering

We engineer custom platforms utilizing stable cutting edge technology and design patterns.  Since each solution is unique, we apply technology stacks and design patterns based on a clients existing environment and requirements.  With highly-skilled team members covering many languages and technologies, provides the ability to apply the best technology to a solution.


We have two definitions for the term "Multi-platform".

  1. The solution being implemented
  2. The native devices being targeted

As a software engineering provider, we offer solutions for company websites, eCommerce, Social Networking, B2B, B2C, and Enterprises, which we've dubbed as Omni-Channel development.

We develop solutions using a mobile first approach.  A mobile first strategy doesn't mean building a native Android™ or iOS app.  A mobile first strategy is a web solution targeting all device types and sizes using HTML5 and response styling.  This approach allows a solution to target the mobile market upon initial launch.


The "Cloud" is a hosting solution that offers greater flexibility and scalability with little to no administration after initial deployment.  Cloud computing does not apply to all solutions we deliver.  We help clients determine based on current infrastructure, requirement, and platform development and usage.