They are coming to us with new ideas and being really proactive in coming up with solutions to things, in some cases, that we haven't even thought about...As we coordinate our physical and digital assets, embrace hard copy and virtual media, the team at Silkroute challenge and improve our vision. We would recommend the team at Silkroute to anyone, but, to be honest, we're hoping to keep them all to ourselves.

Rob Salter
Category Director of Entertainment
Tesco Corporation

SkyLight = {(Sense Demand + Stock Smart) x (Price Right + Profit More)} ^ Know Everything

SkyLight is a robust end-to-end item-location life cycle management SaaS solution.  Today SkyLight processes billions of item-location combinations for our retailer & supplier customers and it is POS integrated with the world’s top retailers. 

SkyLight optimizes all the aspects of the retail demand chain with the mission to sense demand, stock smart, sell more and see everything.  SkyLight key functionality includes; new product introduction, demand sensing and shaping using POS and other sources, demand driven replenishment, assortment optimization and reverse logistics. SkyLight has superior demand forecasting, inventory management and assortment optimization algorithms built by our data scientists at its very core. SkyLight is built as a mission critical readily configurable SaaS solution on the bottom up foundation of a unique item-location combination.

SkyLight SaaS suite delivers sophisticated category management and vendor managed inventory (VMI) tools that help drive bottom-line results for all stakeholders in the value chain.

Skylight SAAS Suite Modules


iBuy is an innovative software module that is utilized for new product introductions. iBuy compares the new product against similar items, or like groups of items, or even entire genres of similar products that will enable the buyer to precisely forecast the amount in which to order. Once the product is launched, the ratios and the comparisons utilized in this module will forecast and replenish the product as sales begin to come in.

iBI (Business Intelligence)

The iBI module contains canned reports of master and transactional data such as orders, sales and inventory. Users can filter, sort, group and export. For more analytical reporting we use Jasper. iBI provides high visibility and single source of the truth of the data.


With iAssort, each store is dynamically replenished with the best selling items within the store. The user specifies the items for the assortment using included items, excluded items, and even specifies the location of the item. In iAssort, the user can create assortments customized by store. The tool recommends the best products based on sales ranking and then always replenishes the next best item in the assortment up to the assortment's capacity.


Inventory management on a surgical level analyze inventory to aid in pinpointing shrink and mis-ships. This Inventory management module analyzes inventory discrepancies to aid in pinpointing stock shrink and mis-ships, so that red flags can be noted by the buyer


The iForecast definition utilizes various numbers of forecasting algorithms to calculate an accurate order for replenishment. The "best fit" technique for instance, combines the entire catalog of forecasting algorithms and picks the one with the least amount of forecasting error. Three types of models are utilized here: the new release model, the seasonal model (52 weekly plotted graph points) and a promotional model (forecasting in the rules of particular promotions). In addition, there is "Automated Replenishment" which is calculated using lead times, safety stock, planned sales days, and review time (based on time between order cycles).


The iPlan module is used for space planning. The user can load fixture information inputting widths, heights, minimums, and maximums within the store's footprint. After the information is acquired, the iPlan algorithms calculate a minimum and maximum, and apply those minimums and maximums to desired order sources to satisfy the presentation requirements of the store's footprint.


The iOrder/iLocation module allows users to review, adjust and release order lines, making them available for their organization's warehousing systems to process. Also within this module is the ability to track the orders lines through the order life cycle from warehouse to shelf. Orders created via iForecast, iBuy, iAssort, Grouping Min/Max , iLocation (SkyLight's manual ordering module) may all be forced to the review screen within iOrder for review. iLocation's convenient order placement either by search and select or excel import allows the user to assign order source, business rules and special instructions on the fly. SkyLight's iOrder module provides unmatched flexibility while ordering products.

Skylight SAAS Delivers Results

Reduced Out-of-Stock Ratios5-40% Reduced Inventory Levels15-55% Improved Forecasting12-33% Reduced Shipping Costs10-16%
Reduced Inventory Overstocks24-72% Forecast Accuraciesup to 83% Reduced Total Cost of Ownership12-30%

Skylight Delivers Surprising Speed-to-Value

SilkRoute SkyLight is a true, Cloud-based service, offered on a subscription basis. With no long-term commitment required, SkyLight provides our customers with a flexible, low-cost, means of implementing a complete wholesale/retail supply chain management suite.

Simple, efficient integration services provide SkyLight customers with incredible speed-to-value. Most customers begin operating the system within 45 days of initiating the implementation.

Skylight Supports Customers of all Shapes and Sizes

SilkRoute's SkyLight platform provides uncommon scalability. Our customer portfolio includes some of the world's largest manufacturers and retailers and, yet, our products are priced to attract companies in the SMB segment.